Our scheduled speaker had to cancel at the last minute, but it provided time for us to get to know our visitors.
Kalpana and her husband Jai are here in Highland Park to see their daughter's family which includes a six-month old grandson they got to meet and hold for the first time. They also are getting time to spend with their 4-year old granddaughter. Their son, who works for United lives in Chicago. Kalpana, who is President of the Bombay-Powai Club, will need to leave soon to make sure their Club's projects are completed before July 1st.
We shared what projects and programs each Club has going. In their country, corporations are required to set aside 10% of their profits for community non-profits. Their projects run from getting bunkbeds and bicycles for impoverished students in their area and food and transportation for migrant workers who traveled hundreds of kilometers by foot to find jobs during the lockdown and were turned away. Clean water, farming, and sanitation is villages is another top project of their club.
We missed those of you who couldn't make it - we hope to see you soon!