Phil asked that we put our heads together to determine what we are doing, as well as what we can and need to do to help bring more people to Rotary and be aware of us in the community. 
Here are the results of our brainstorming:
  • Need to fill open board positions, especially Membership, Meeting Planning & Public Relations
  • Need more members
  • Greeters at every meeting
  • People/Projects/Publicity (with one comes the other two)
  • About 50% don’t attend - if we want 30 to attend - we need 60 members
  • We still need a gala (fall?)
  • Need good speakers
  • Reducing meetings to twice a month with a social gathering?
  • Tri-fold brochures
  • October fundraiser - firefighters
  • Presence at community festivals (HP/Highwood)
  • Environmental Projects
  • Community Impact Projects
  • Charitable Grants
  • Not what we did, but what we are doing/going to do (show don’t tell - a writer's challenge applies here as well)
  • Involved with sponsoring community talks (ex: bank fraud) (restarting the Financial Literacy Program)
Youth Service:
  • Interact
  • Scholarships
  • Satish’s project (educating blind children that aren't able to attend a school)
If anyone else has ideas, has some time on their hands, or has a friend they think would love to know more about Rotary, please respond to this email.
Don't be shy - come on back - we'd love to see you!