Club of
  Highland Park / Highwood
Getting up early for a morning meeting is never fun. When you add the frigid temperatures and the drive, you find yourself grumbling for more coffee before you even arrive at your destination.
That was me last week.  I worked on fringes of the Interact Breakfast  and felt invested enough that I wanted to be a part of that event - to meet these incredible 117 students. The early alarm clock and cold drive in the dark was well worth it. Most of us know how amazing the kids in the Interact Club are - after all, we work with them on several community service projects throughout the year. To see all of them in one room  bright, energized and ready for whatever is next was a warm and contagious feeling. I will admit, I shed a few tears at the story of Rohan, the guiding spirit of the Club. More on Rohan next week.
We welcome the 2019-2020 Interact Club and congratulations to their sponsors, Melissa Zientara and Jennifer Ginopolis!