Club of
  Highland Park / Highwood
One of my responsibilities is bringing you the bulletin every week. I try to come to meetings when I know a lot of note taking is required such as TABU, scholarships and grants. Since I can't be at all the meetings (as much as I would love to) I need some of you to be my eyes and ears and take notes for me.
In the past I've assigned a month to a member keeping in mind if they are out of town for the winter, have arthritis, and other roadblocks. 
I'm hoping this year I can rely on a group of volunteers who will take notes so I can keep other club members informed. The group members would rotate the responsibility and work with one another if a problem arises and they cannot attend as planned. I'm hoping with enough volunteers, the responsibility will only be a few times a year. Please contact me at 847-432-1500 or email me at
Thank you,
Mary Beth