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Jun 24, 2019
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Aug 05, 2019
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Pearls of the Club

There is no influence like the influence of habit.
   - Gilbert Parker

Notes From the May 20th Meeting
President Ghida Neukirch welcomed our guests, HPHS teacher Erica Tukes, and the TABU 2019 students: Nathan Kornberg,  Aaron Bach, Marianna Marquardt, Caitlin Hong, and Audrey Jennings. Also joining us was Carol Lazarus and our club member and HPHS Principal, Deborah Finn. Ghida led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.
Ghida announced that she, Mike Babian and Paul Munk are planning the installation  which should happen about July 1st. More details to come.
Jim Berardi and his committee are hard at work with plans for the Golf Outing. You should all have received your save the date in an email last week. The outing will be Tuesday, August 8th. More details to follow.
A small committee has been formed to plan the Club's presence at the National Night Out in Highland Park on August 8th. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ghida.
Carrie Callas noted the RYLA students were unable to attend today's meeting. She read a note from one attendee, Bryn Schneider:

Looking back on RYLA, the whole weekend was a rich experience and taught me numerous lessons. The most important thing I learned was how to open up and connect with others through our different life-changing experiences. I remember after the first speaker, everyone in my group sat in a circle on the floor, and we shared very personal stories about ourselves. It really showed me that everyone experiences struggles and that is one thing that connects us all. RYLA taught me how to respectfully lead a diverse group of people and I believe I will use the lessons I learned during RYLA throughout the rest of my high school career and beyond.


Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Erica Tukes, HPHS Teacher
Nathan Kornberg, HPHS Student
Marianna Marquardt, HPHS Student
Aaron Bach, HPHS Student
Audrey Jennings, HPHS Student
Caitlin Hong, HPHS Student
Carol Lazarus, guest of Phil Lazarus
50/50 Winners
50/50 Winners  
 1st Place: Martha Gray
2nd Place: Marianna Marquardt
3rd Place: Manu Khodadad
Happy Dollars
Happy dollars were given by:  Martha Gray, celebrating the birth of her grandson Brendan Harris Gray, and in honor of the wonderful HP Strings she missed because of family; Eric Ephraim in honor of our TABU guests and that today is the last day of exams for HP seniors, including his oldest son; Manu Khodadad in honor of our guests; Fred Orkin in honor of Larry's HP Strings concert yesterday; Len Tenner because he loved the concert and welcomed our guests; Karen Dennis because they just finished another successful season and to welcome back Diana Sotelo; Larry Block thanking Rotary for sponsoring yesterday's concert and his application for next year is coming; Marianna Marquardt for the warm welcome; and Neil Dahlmann in honor of his grandson Ben who qualified for State in Track and Field and will be running this Friday and Saturday.
The Day's Program
International Committee Chair Phil Lazarus shared with the club how these students who shared the TABU experience were remarkable young people. He also declared HPHS teacher Erica Tukes was a wonderful chaperone and guide. Ms.Tukes said this was such a great experience for the students who are anxious to share their experience with us and their fellow HPHS students.
Aaron Bach - spoke about their visit to the youth courts. It was a less formal setting - a conference room where both the victim and the offender meet. The offender then faces his/her actions and their consequences to not only themselves but to others.He feels that this type of approach should begin in high school to prevent future incidents.
Marianna Marquardt  - thanked the club for giving her and the others this amazing experience. To her, the effort to tackle inequality in Northern Ireland resonated with her. The effort to treat gender, religions and race equally helps to bring more harmony. Treating people equally isn't just the law but that it is a moral responsibility. She hopes to take what she's learned and apply that to her time volunteering at Nuestro Center and beyond.
Audrey Jennings - told the club she found the alternative NI social groups for young people very eye opening. She liked how conflicted groups are brought together to find common ground. She would like to see this process brought to HPHS where there is racial and economic division. She also liked the youth radio over there sand would like to see this group of TABU students start a podcast so others can tell their stories and they can find common ground.
Nathan Kornberg - also thanked the club for this opportunity. He found the school system interesting and thought the uniforms worn by both school systems a wonder idea to ease the socio-economic divide that is present at HPHS. In addition, he also feels it creates a more welcoming environment when there is only one cafeteria instead of two and you really notice the division of the students.
Caitlin Hong - expressed what a powerful experience TABU was for her. She found Hydebank Wood  College which is a prison housing young people from 18-23, very interesting. Also at Hydebank is a women's prison where all the women of Northern Ireland are serving time. It has less than 70 at this time. At Hydebank, rehabilitation is the goal with learning new skill and gearing toward a better life- and how this benefits the people around you.
Gabriela Cordoba couldn't be with the rest of the students, but she felt the Free Derry museum to be a special part of the trip for her. The past and the documented struggle and the Bloody Sunday event. We learn by what is left behind. She looks forward to sharing what she learned with SOAR (Student Occupationally and Academically Ready), where she volunteers.
On the whole, the students enjoyed trying the local dishes, getting to know their host families and were in awe of how old everything is there compared to here in the States.
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