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Sep 15, 2021 10:30 AM
Board Meeting
The Summer Inn
Oct 20, 2021 10:30 AM
An Evening Honoring HPHS Interact Melissa Zientara
Exmoor Country Club
Oct 23, 2021
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
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Aug 25, 2021 11:30 AM
Highland Park Art Fest
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Pearls of the Club
The most I can do for my friend is simply be a friend.
           - Henry David Thoreau
This Day In History
August 18, 1991 - Gorbachev is placed under house arrest by Soviet hardliners in a coup.
August 18, 1920 - The 19th Amendment (women's voting rights) is ratified by one vote. 
August 18, 1774 - Meriweather Lewis (Lewis & Clark) was born on this day.
August 18, 1590 - Roanoke Colony is deserted.
Notes From the August 18th  Meeting
President Karen Dennis opened the meeting by greeting our speaker, Nancy Tuchman and guests Ron Borden, James Diamond, ADG Don Gwinn and members. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test. 
ADG Gwinn presented Karen with her new official name badge a Rotary backpack and the new banner displaying this year's motto "Serve to Change Lives".
Neil Dahlmann presented Rhoda Pierce with her name badge. He's proud to be her sponsor, and he was her husband Dan's sponsor. He also presented her with Dan's badge. Rhoda was quite touched because Rotary meant a lot to Dan and said she'll be placing Dan's badge on their den wall. 
Sad news:
In case you didn't get the email I sent earlier, Francis Sheahen passed away this week. The home address I have for his son Chris Sheahen is 950 Augusta Way, HP.
More News! 
Mike Mills has convinced us that it is time for a new directory. So pictures will be taken (if you want a new one) and an update form will be available at the next meeting. If you have pictures or information you want updated, you can send it to Mary Beth at hphwrotary@gmail.com.

Volunteers Needed at Bernie's Book Bank
The start of the school year is right around the corner and we need your help! Volunteer to sort, sticker and pack books for under-served children throughout Chicagoland at Bernie's Book Bank in Lake Bluff.  Sessions are limited to 25 volunteers. Visit their website for more information 

Save the Date!
Our Gala will be October 23rd at the Exmoor Country Club.
More details to follow...
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Nancy Tuchman, Loyola University, Speaker
Don Gwinn, ADG
Ron Borden, of the Wheeling Club
Jack Diamond, guest of Phil Lazarus
50/50 Winners
1st Place:  Mary Beth Bretzlauf  (Yeah!!!!)
2nd Place: Len Tenner
3rd Place: Sandra Bast
Happy Dollars
Members were happy (not in any particular order) for: Bill Pigati shared a letter his grandfather wrote to his brother-in-law inside the Cherry Mine while trapped in a mine collapse for 89 days. He survived but died a few years later. Len Tenner was happy that he and his wife Bobbie would be having dinner with all their grandchildren tonight; Beth Alperts was happy her children started school! Neil Dahlmann was happy that he sent his first text last week; Rhoda Pierce was happy to have her badge and Dan's as well; Sandra Bast had sad news because her bird Lefty passed away; Eric Ephraim was also happy the kids were back in school , but also because Giants Football have a scrimmage game this week; Paul Clements was happy to welcome his neighbor and our speaker, Nancy Tuchman.
The Day's Program
Nancy Tuchman, Founding Dean, School of Environmental Sustainability Loyola University, Chicago, returned to update us on the state of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes.   Recently the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its report. They have found a loss of biodiversity, an increase in nitrogen and chemical pollution, and global climate change are the major threats to the Great Lakes. You may recall hearing on the news the IPCC 6th annual report issued a "Code Red for Humanity".
Global climate change is evident in the unprecedented rise and fall of water levels, the erosion of shorelines and coastal wetlands, the warming and lower dissolved oxygen capacity.
Nitrogen and chemical pollution comes from CAFOs - Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Chemicals are used on crops and hormones are fed to these animals to speed up the growing process. These make their way to the lagoons near the feeding areas. When it rains enough, the lagoons overflow into nearby waterways, contaminating local water supplies with nitrogen. There are no regulations for animal waste like there is for human waste. Methane gas is a natural gas and farmers can use that to run their farms but technology id costly at this time. Nancy would like to see the farmers receive some government assistance with obtaining the technology.
Industrial chemical pollution is also an issue. Dumping is still a problem.
The loss of biodiversity is caused by invasive species and overfishing.
Land development compounds the the problem by reducing our CO2 levels. CO2 is used by plants in photosynthesis. The deforestation, agriculture and deserticifation along with commercial growth contribute to the issue.  With invasive plants, Nancy's department has been experimenting with harvesting those plants. The results found a removal of a minimal 30kg phosphorous per half acre, and 120kg nitrogen per half acre.
The water levels of Lake Michigan have fluctuated in the last year. In 2020 (a record year) the lake’s water level was 36 inches higher than the year before. This year it dropped 14 inches, but it is still 22 inches higher than normal. Beach erosion is a big problem for Lake Michigan, something we can relate to recently.
When asked what was one thing we could do as individuals to help the most, she said to eat less meat by eating one less meat per day or a meatless Friday.
This and That

Remembering Francis

We have several new members who may never have met or even heard of Francis Sheahen and I wanted to share some thoughts of my time with him. 
Whenever I think of Francis, I think of his roots to Highland Park and the story of how his family came to be here. It could have easily stayed in Ireland, and possibly perish in the Great Potato Famine. 
Francis was one of a few members who had connections - long bloodlines if you will - to the founding of Highland Park. Sandy McCraren, Percy Prior, and Francis are just a few that I know of. Many of our Club members have an old book printed in 1958 by the Club called "Pioneer to Commuter: The Story of Highland Park" written by Marvyn Wintelle.  In the early to mid 1800's these families were plowing fields and removing huge rocks and trees to tame the land for farming. Slowly, businesses began to build and churches sprang up.  Francis' family had two big families of those early pioneers in his blood - the McAdams/Sheahens and the Rudolphs.  If you haven't read the book, it is a great insight to the foundation of this town.
If you are driving around Highland Park and see a park called Sunset Woods, just south of the hospital, that is part of the original forty acres his family obtained about 1840.
A few years ago, I met Francis when we sat down to talk about his family's history with Highland Park. True to his Irish heritage, there was the Blarney (the gift of gab) about him for when he told me of his life, he was a natural storyteller. He knew how to build the tension and mystery from what was about to happen to him as he tried to get into the Navy to what happened when a great grandfather lost his water source for his crops and cattle. After WWII, Francis transformed the family business of coal into steel and today, Mutual Ace Hardware is still park of that legacy, now run by his con Chris.

I, for one, will miss that crooked smile and mischievous glint in his blue eyes. Most of all, I will miss his stories.
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