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     by Mary Beth Bretzlauf
                      July 27, 2020


Notes From the July 27th Meeting
President Dale Mugler opened the meeting by greeting our members and new member, Karen LeBuhn. We recited the Four Way Test.  Karen is the Community Outreach coordinator for Traycee Home Care in Highwood. She is a transfer from the Elgin breakfast Club. You can tell she's a seasoned Rotarian - her first question to our speaker was, "How can we help?"
Mark your calendar: Next Monday, August 3rd, we will be welcoming DG Lyle Staab. Please join us!
Scott Coren, Community Service Chair, is looking for members who would like to connect with Aperion Care seniors via, telephone, email or old fashioned letters and cards. The Interact Club is very excited about this project, but more are always welcome! You can email him at scoren@cityofhighwood.org.
Bella Via is willing to open for us in their outdoor area. We are shooting for a date in the near future to meet face-to-face. Keep watching the bulletin when more details are available.
Have you committed to our Rotary in Motion fundraiser yet? Well, several of our members have already! Join Dale Mugler, Karen Dennis, Eric Ephraim, Jeff Colman, Ghida Neukirch Doris Xie, Paul Clements and Larry Block in an activity (swimming, walking, etc.), to raise money for our club when this pandemic. Get your friends and family to support your commitment by pledging money toward your achievement.  See the chart below:
NAMEDescription of their fund-raising activityFunding goal
Karen DennisWalk and swim (when HP Center pool opens) for 1 hour/day for 8 weeks$10/week, total $80
Ghida NeukirchWalking and jogging (2.5 miles/day), biking 10 miles/week$100
Dale MuglerWalking (the equivalent) from Highland Park to Indianapolis, about 210 miles$400
Jeff ColmanSwimming (the equivalent) across Lake Michigan, 190 km  total.  Lake Michigan at it's widest point which is 118.2 miles or 190 Kilometers. Do this by the end of September and starting July 20.$3/km, $570 total personally.  Ten pledges at $1/km totaling $190 each.  Total of $2,470.
Eric EphraimWalking (the equivalent) 10 times the perimeter of Highland Park, or from Highland Park to South Bend, about 120 miles$2/mile, Total $240
Doris XieWalking, 3 miles per day, 4 days per week$300 to $500
Larry Block  
Paul Clements(in progress - TBD) 
 Totals as of July 26 $                          3,510
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Karen LeBuhn, new member
Happy Dollars
Len Tenner donated to welcome Karen LeBuhn to the Club and Mike Lubelfeld back; Mike Lubelfeld donated because he was happy to be with us again; Larry Block donated to welcome back Mike Lubelfeld and that appreciates all that Mike is doing for the schools; Fred Orkin donated because of his root canal.
It's back and easy!  Please click on the yellow box below to give your Happy Dollars via PayPal. Then send Mary Beth an email of what you are happy about - hphwrotary@gmail.com
The Day's Program
Our Club Member, Superintendent Mike Lubelfeld brought us update on opening the 10 schools of District 112 during this pandemic.
Mike explained that his first priority is to keep all 4000 students, 400 teachers, 100 support staff and 30 administrators safe from the virus. Knowing how important it is for children to be back in school, the District must confront the emotional, social and learning loss the students have faced since March and still could face if they do not have some type of in person learning in the fall. Since schools closed March 12th, the District worked to get iPads and Chromebooks in the hands of students who needed a way of attending virtual classes. With the help of the HP Community Foundation they were able to upgrade some devices to include wifi for those students who do not have it in their homes. In June, they engaged with DMGroup (District Management Group) from Harvard to plan the restart of school. This month, they have been ironing out their plans for submission to the Board. They plan to start school September 3rd.
Mike presented the five key challenges to opening the schools at this time. 
  1. Public health challenge - there is still so much we need to learn about the virus and its transmission, manifestations, treatment and cure. School districts need to be ready to respond to a variety of scenarios ranging from full closure/remote learning to a modified full opening
  2. Lack of agreement - There is a lack of precedent and lack of agreement as to the appropriate response. Medical and scientific data is limited and constantly changing.
  3. Lack of time - school districts will need to develop rigorous, well-considered plans for reopening.  School districts are still finishing a tumultuous spring term and now need to pivot their attention to crafting a plan for fall.
  4. Decisions to be scrutinized - Plans for the fall will need to validated. The plans need to withstand the scrutiny of experts, community members and the court of public opinion.
  5. Shifting circumstances - school districts will need to remain agile due to any resurgence of cases or waves of resurgence. Full or spot closures may be necessary.
Possibilities of educating students are: modified on-campus learning (social distancing, alternate schedules), hybrid learning, and remote learning. With remote learning, new guidance for attendance, grading and accountability will need to be implemented. For both the modified and hybrid learning, the state must be in Phase IV.
DMGroup has worked with the district to develop a framework for re-opening.With public health at the center of all that needs to be done, there are four areas to concentrate on;
  1. Instructional Core/SEL(Social Emotional Learning) which encompasses curriculum, students, teachers, school schedule and staff schedule
  2. Operations which covers technology, facilities, maintenance, transportation and food service
  3. Stakeholders/Communications is students, teachers, parents, board, labor and community
  4. Resources like time, budget, people and facilities.
All of these need to work coherently. 
So the district is purposing half of the students (about 13-15 students in class) will have 2.5 hours of in person learning either in the morning or afternoon, then about 2.5 hours of remote learning and work packets. The schools will close for 2 hours for deep cleaning between sessions. The District also faces new expenses that will be eating into their emergency funds as they need to hire more hospital trained janitors/cleaners and equipment, and more busing to accommodate the new schedule.
Some things that will change are: students with special needs will most likely have one-on-one instruction. That plan is still being worked on. The free meal program will also look different with the student provided with a lunch for that day and breakfast for the following day. The other service the district will be unable to provide is all day day care; 4-6 hours of care may be possible, but not full day.
Mike said he is looking for more defined guidelines from the local, state and national public health entities, more data and better metrics to make more informed decisions. That doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. He presented so much of what it takes to get a school year going under these circumstances.
This and That
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