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Research in Stem Cells/PRP Treatments
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Pearls of the Club
Friendship is Love without his wings.

 - Lord Byron

Notes From the February 17th Meeting
President Paul Munk welcomed Club members, guests Eric Matlin and Jo Jo Hebl, who led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Club recited the Four Way Test.
Len Tenner discussed the District Conference regarding District Grants. 
Paul Munk announced the District is looking for nominations for two slots on the Nominating Committee that will be selecting 2023-2024 District Governor. 
Mike Babian announce the Fellowship Committee is looking to have a social gathering to help with upcoming TABU expenses. The event would be open to spouses and friends. More details to come.
Get well cards were passed around for Burt Schmarak, Fred Orkin and Gerry Brin.
Neil Dahlmann suggested a moment of silence to remember the life of our long time friend and Rotarian, Dan Pierce.
District Dates of Note:
  • April 24th - 25th - Save the Date: District Conference - Registration will open soon.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Eric Matlin, Matlin Law group, Speaker
Jo Jo Hebl, Matlin Law Group, Speaker
50/50 Winners
1st Place: Jo Jo Hebl
2nd Place: Frank Lomoro
3rd Place: Ron Davis
Happy Dollars
Happy dollars were given by: Jo Jo Hebl, giving back $15 ($5 for each get well card) for how our Club cares about it's members; Frank Lomoro, in honor of Dan Pierce, and may God bless him; Phil Lazarus, to welcome our speakers, Eric Matlin and Jo Jo HeblSkip Jacobs, because he's going back to Ft. Lauderdale; Jeff Colman who was celebrating his daughter's birthday; Eric Matlin in thanks for the Club hosting him; Karen Dennis, reminding Club members of the MYA concerts next week at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall (More information under the segment This and That); Len Tenner and others in memory of Dan Pierce.
The Day's Program
Eric Matlin and Jo Jo Hebl of the Matlin Law Group spoke to Club members about estate planning. For over 25 years, Eric has helped clients personalize their estate plans. He strives to achieve a 'meeting of the minds' regarding his client's goals. His passion to educate people has resulted in two books he wrote on the subject: Not Dead Yet, and The Procrastinator's Guide to Wills & Estate Planning.  The Matlin Law Group specializes in not only estate planning, estate administration, estate litigation, special needs trusts, guardianship, and business entity creations and maintenance. Eric has a saying - "Tie up loose ends while you can still make a knot."
Jo Jo is a partner at Matlin and a 1994 graduate of UW Madison and is licensed in both Illinois and Wisconsin.
The presentation focused on what happens and the issues that arise when people do not plan properly. Waiting until a Power of Attorney is needed may be too late, A Trust allows you to exercise influence and control over your estate in life and death. Proper planning helps keep families out of court, saving time, money and frustration.
Eric outlined what estate planning should be done at the various stages of our lives, from 18 to 80 plus years old. He also gave a brief summary of the documents you need:
  • Will - Instructions on who should receive your possessions and other assets after your death, plus directions for the care of your minor or disabled children and disposition of your remains, all in a format the court will recognize and accept.
  • HIPAA Authorization (patient privacy)  - Allows designated people access to your health care information.
  • Power of Attorney for health care - Appoints an agent (a proxy) to make personal and medical decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated.
  • Durable power of attorney (finances) - Appoints an agent (a proxy) to manage your finances, should you become incapacitated.
  • Revocable living trust - A Trust established by the grantor (its creator) during his or her lifetime, with terms that can be amended (changed) or revoked (canceled) at any time during the grantor's life.
  • Irrevocable trust - A Trust that cannot be amended or revoked by its grantor, either because of its terms or because the grantor has died.
Some questions we should be asking ourselves:
  • Who do I trust to be the guardians of my children in the event of my death?
  • Who do I trust to care for my pets?
  • To whom do I wish to leave my cash, real estate, business ans insurance related assets and under what conditions?
  • To whom do I wish to leave my personal property? What is the fairest way to distribute it? How best to maximize its value?
  • What charities do I wish to support?
  • Who do I trust to make personal, medical and financial decisions for me if I'm unable to communicate?
  • Do I wish to donate my viable organs tosomeone in needs?
  • That are my preferences regarding funeral arrangements: Burial or cremation? Religious ceremony of life celebration?
  • I'm not doing this for myself, I'm doing this for______.
Both attorneys answered questions among the members in regards to estate planning techniques.
Thanks to Mike Babian for his notes!
This and That
MYA Conservatory has the upcoming event:
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